Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Book Summary

My book is about a boy and his name is Ty and he has a brother who plays for the New York Jets and both of his parents are dead because of an accident and his brother Thane is rich so they live in a big house. His family has some history with the job and they are trying to get away from them but they are after his family. Thane gets hurt in a game that leads to the Super Bowl and they have to take him to the hospital because it is really bad. Ty also loves football and there is a tournament before the Super Bowl that is for his team so he goes to a tryout to join his state team. He struggles to at the tryout but he still makes the team and he goes ahead to verse other teams to go to the finals of the tournament.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Thoughts on Animal Testing

No I don't think they should treat animals the same way. No because a mammal shouldn't be treated the same way a insect should be treated.

Depends on what they are testing with. Like if it is causeing pain to the animal then they shouldn't do it. But if it doesn't they I guess it's fine.

It's fine if it's to a mouse but it's different if your doing it to a dog.

Yes because peoples live are more important than animals.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Mutations blog

That they are really neither bad or good

Two headed turtle. Because he looks cool.

Not really

More drawing

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

About Me

Hi my name is Axel and I like to play sports and play video games in my free time. What I like about 8th grade so far is gym and the soccer team. I am looking forward to joining volleyball. My favorite soccer team is Barcelona. My favorite player is Messi. I don't have a favorite book. My favorite movie is Space Jam because I like Michael Jordan.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Intro Poetry Reflection

It should have, stanzas, figurative, some rhymes, and literary elements.
It should also have the reader think about the deep meaning.

It shouldn't have long sentences.There should only be a little bit of words in a line

William's poem is very short like looking at it in words. Bradstreet's poem is long in words and lines.
Also William's is about objects and Bradstreet's poem is about love and feelings.

Both poems can't resist something one of them couldn't resist the plums and one couldn't resist the feeling and love.

Monday, April 18, 2016

"When is there DIGNITY in silence?"

I think there is dignity in silence when somebody is bullying you or just not being respectful to you you should just turn the other cheek and not retaliate. Cause then they might respect you more and sometimes you won't get yourself into trouble when you do talk back or swing back. I think being silent especially is important when you are in trouble by a parent or teacher because then it could lead to more severe or hurtful punishments. Jackie Robinson was the first African-American to play in the MLB (Major league baseball) other African-Americans played in a league called the Negro League which only blacks had played in it and then whites played in the MLB. Many people did not want him there and they said really rude things to him but he could not say anything because then they would kick him out to the league so he had to be silent.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Blog Fifteen: Thinking...

I really like the part when they started coming up with a plan and then when they start leaving to go to Elsewhere. The part that was also really cool was when Jonas was picked for the Receiver because there was a lot of suspense and was really intriguing.

I really like the part where he is starting to figure out that there is nobody there and he is by himself. It would be really scary if you where by yourself for a whole day it would be fun because then you can do whatever you want but it is kind of freaky at first since there is nobody.

I didn't really like the ending of The Giver so much because I kind of wish they got where they wanted to go and kind of mysterious. But The Giver was really entertaining and was worth reading the book.

There was nothing really I didn't like about the book it was a good book.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Blog Thirteen: Famous

I think I would rather be famous for my life time and then forgotten because then if you were famous for your life time then you could live a better life style that if you weren't famous. You could have better things and have a lot of money but on the other hand if you are unknown and you weren't famous while you were nothing have benefited you. It only benefits you when your dead and you cant experience it because you are dead.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blog Ten: Understanding

If we didn't view things in Jonas's POV then we wouldn't know about The Giver and we wouldn't really know about the past also probably why is everything not colorful and how does nobody remember the past. From somebody else's  POV for the whole story would probably be really boring.

Blog Eleven: Reaction to Release

The release was kind of crazy. Because it would really change you if you see something like somebody that you really know especially like your father kill another human being and especially a baby. That is just really messed up.

Blog Twelve: Legacy

I think would want to be known for all the cool and funny stuff I did and the honor roll's I got and I hope people would forget all of the embarrassing and stupid stuff I did. I just hope that I could have changed ore help people in a better way that makes their life better.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Blog Four: Unity Through Conformity?

There is unity through conformity because then everybody is the same and then they cant make fun or be rude to each other because they are the same "sameness". But also if somebody really mentions anything that is different they would get in trouble. They force each other to be nice which cause unity by making rules.

Blog Three: What If?

I think it would be bad if we didn't know stuff about history because history is really important because you know all the achievements and things people have done to make the world better but there is always some people who did bad stuff in history. Also the inventions they made and all of the mistakes people have made in the past and we can learn from those mistakes so you won't do it again.

Blog Two: Two Worlds Collide




* You can volunteer in stuff


* You can any amount of kids you want and any gender (You can't really choose)

* You don't get a job when you are 12 

* We call it Families and they have Family Units

I would rather live in our world because you can experience and see other things that they can't see and it is like you are not being controlled and you can make your own decisions.

Blog Nine: Imagine

In the song Imagine by John Lennon is about a perfect world and there is peace all over the world and there is no killing and many other bad stuff and John Lennon says in his son that they are "formed as one"

The song Imagine relates to The Giver because Jonas kind of lives in a perfect world were there isn't warfare, sadness, death and more. But there world isn't so perfect because they are kind of in rule by the Elders and they don't really have no choice in what they want to do in life.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blog Eight: Freedom

One of the freedoms granted by the Preamble that is promoting the general welfare by having forces like the Army and other forces that help to protect and serve this country.

I believe that the freedom is good because we have a really good Army to protect us from other things that form a threat to us. Also the police to stop criminals and other bad stuff that there is.

Freedom in The Giver is good because what I know from is that there is no criminals and other bad stuff.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Blog Seven: Jonas' POV change

Jonas point of view is changing because he is starting to know a lot more stuff  than anybody else in they community knows not even the elders who are some really important people. He is also getting knowledge and "power" but The Giver likes to call it honor instead of being power.

Blog Six: New Chapter Title

Chapter 8: Mistake?

I chose this because when they are assigning the jobs in the Ceremony of 12 they skip Jonas and all the other people in the audience also think it is a mistake.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Blog Five: Choices Choices

I would rather live in a community were I would be able to make your own choices and be able to pick stuff that you would want to do for example be able to pick who you love and have as much children as you wish. I wouldn’t want to live in Jonas society because even though it is kind of like a “perfect” society there are many rules and you are living a lot like in dictatorship. In Jonas society cause it doesn’t seem to be crimes and murder and other bad stuff in our society. I would still kind of want to live in our society cause one major thing that you can have is choice which is very important.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Blog One: Career Choices

If somebody chooses your career then you might not like the job and you might want to follow your dreams and do what you like to do. You may also not be very well with the job they give you.

If somebody picked a job for you it might be a good paying job. Also when somebody would give you a  job you wouldn't have to worry about being jobless because they would give you a job.

It might be good if you had a job for a 12 year old then you could have money but then the job might be too hard for a 12 year old and they should also enjoy more of their childhood. You could help your parents with things that they need to pay