Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Book Summary

My book is about a boy and his name is Ty and he has a brother who plays for the New York Jets and both of his parents are dead because of an accident and his brother Thane is rich so they live in a big house. His family has some history with the job and they are trying to get away from them but they are after his family. Thane gets hurt in a game that leads to the Super Bowl and they have to take him to the hospital because it is really bad. Ty also loves football and there is a tournament before the Super Bowl that is for his team so he goes to a tryout to join his state team. He struggles to at the tryout but he still makes the team and he goes ahead to verse other teams to go to the finals of the tournament.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Thoughts on Animal Testing

No I don't think they should treat animals the same way. No because a mammal shouldn't be treated the same way a insect should be treated.

Depends on what they are testing with. Like if it is causeing pain to the animal then they shouldn't do it. But if it doesn't they I guess it's fine.

It's fine if it's to a mouse but it's different if your doing it to a dog.

Yes because peoples live are more important than animals.