Monday, March 14, 2016

Blog Fifteen: Thinking...

I really like the part when they started coming up with a plan and then when they start leaving to go to Elsewhere. The part that was also really cool was when Jonas was picked for the Receiver because there was a lot of suspense and was really intriguing.

I really like the part where he is starting to figure out that there is nobody there and he is by himself. It would be really scary if you where by yourself for a whole day it would be fun because then you can do whatever you want but it is kind of freaky at first since there is nobody.

I didn't really like the ending of The Giver so much because I kind of wish they got where they wanted to go and kind of mysterious. But The Giver was really entertaining and was worth reading the book.

There was nothing really I didn't like about the book it was a good book.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Blog Thirteen: Famous

I think I would rather be famous for my life time and then forgotten because then if you were famous for your life time then you could live a better life style that if you weren't famous. You could have better things and have a lot of money but on the other hand if you are unknown and you weren't famous while you were nothing have benefited you. It only benefits you when your dead and you cant experience it because you are dead.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blog Ten: Understanding

If we didn't view things in Jonas's POV then we wouldn't know about The Giver and we wouldn't really know about the past also probably why is everything not colorful and how does nobody remember the past. From somebody else's  POV for the whole story would probably be really boring.

Blog Eleven: Reaction to Release

The release was kind of crazy. Because it would really change you if you see something like somebody that you really know especially like your father kill another human being and especially a baby. That is just really messed up.

Blog Twelve: Legacy

I think would want to be known for all the cool and funny stuff I did and the honor roll's I got and I hope people would forget all of the embarrassing and stupid stuff I did. I just hope that I could have changed ore help people in a better way that makes their life better.